By 2020 Millennials will make up to 50% of the US labor force, and up to 75% by 2025.

The surge of Millennials in the workplace has a major impact on how companies attract employees.

Recruiting early career workers is a completely different process than it has been in the past.

Technological advancements and an increased use of social media platforms and smartphones demand that companies rethink how to attract this burgeoning demographic. In order to make this connection, your company’s employment branding strategies must be aligned in a way that is both appealing and visible to Millennials. Here are key tips for creating an employment brand that will attract Millennials and make the most out of your recruiting efforts.

First, it’s important to understand how to speak to your audience.

If you aren’t a Millennial, this might seem like a foreign language. Knowing what Millennials want out of a job can make or break whether your branding strategies are well-received. If you aren’t sure of what’s appealing to Millennials, just ask! Find out from the source how they search for a job, what they look for, and what impresses them. Thinking from a Millennial’s point of view is the best way to know what to implement when developing your employment brand.

Beyond talking to Millennials, there are a few other guidelines to follow to create a successful branding image. In relation to content, transparency can go a long way. Explicitly stating your mission, vision, and goals will allow a Millennial candidate to make connections between their own passions and the company’s. It also helps to be transparent about salary. Although Millennials are likely to take a role that pays less if it adheres to their own morals and values and is aligned with their career aspirations, they want to know as much about what they are potentially getting into beforehand. Describing the company culture, where the company sees itself in the future, and what compensation can be expected will help Millennial applicants make the informed decisions they want to make, and increase the chances of a better person-organizational fit.

In addition, Millennials crave a meaningful relationship between who they are as a person and what they do for a living. They want to feel like they work for a company that adheres to their values, and advocates change that they can help drive. Creating an employment brand that supports a good cause, and aims for a national or global impact, will stand for something that Millennials will want to get behind. This will allow them to feel that working for your company will provide them the sense of meaning and significance they truly desire.

Another aspect to consider is your company’s reputation.

Millennials are much more likely to want to work for an organization with a reputation for career development that fosters positive employee work experience. One way to portray this type of culture is by adding employee testimonials to your website. Specifically, videos are thought to be more valid in conveying these messages, and help to put a face to the people who work there. Reviews can help Millennials decide whether they want to work for your company or not. Allowing employees to review different areas of the organization on your website will also give insight into the types of experiences Millennials can expect to have. It is important to note that even though some employee reviews may not be stellar, balanced (but constructive) feedback helps the reviews feel believable.

Investing in your employee referral program can also boost the attraction of Millennials to your organization. Millennials are much more likely to listen to an employee or a friend who has had first-hand experience working for the company. Encouraging your current Millennial employees to market their company can become a great way to increase the number of Millennial applicants.

Finally, it’s absolutely critical to think about where you’re placing your recruiting campaigns.

Having the best strategies will be in vain if they are not visible to your target audience. In order to be heard, you must speak to Millennials in a way they understand, and follow the rule “fish where fish live.” Use of social media platforms will help build an employment brand that leverages where Millennials spend time in their everyday lives. Although many of them charge a fee to post on their sites, you can also create a company account to post pictures, quotes, and hashtags to represent the organization’s everyday experiences. Having mobile capability will also allow Millennials to find your organization with ease. The websites and social media platforms used should be compatible with mobile devices so that your brand is accessible at all times. Doing this adds modern and technological relevance to your branding image, which will be viewed favorably by Millennials.

Getting Started

Knowing how to brand your company for Millennials may seem intimidating at first, but these tips will help get you started. Taking the time to understand Millennials’ goals, interests, and values will allow you to implement a more effective and successful employment branding strategy!

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