What our clients are saying about  us…

I can attest to ITS’s strong commitment to delivering results for their clients. Their rigorous, data-driven measurement of employee engagement has helped multiple companies understand their workforce and implement the proper programs to drive engagement and performance. ITS is a great partner to have through each step of the employee career lifecycle.
Jen Brown, Google
I’ve partnered with the ITS team across multiple L&D projects over the years, and Lynn and her team have always provided an exciting combination of cutting-edge expertise, strong project management, and wise counsel. It’s easy to find one or two of these capabilities in a partner; ITS has all three.
Adam Carroll, Interpublic
Lynn and the ITS team have been trusted partners for our brand for nearly 10 years. They’ve delivered a number of top-notch products and programs that have been important pieces of our overall talent management strategy. We can always count on the ITS team to share the latest thinking and cutting-edge research around trends in the industry. As our Head of Talent Development always said, “Lynn is my favorite PhD!”
Dan Leavitt, The Gap
I have worked with ITS on a variety of different projects over many years. They are absolutely dedicated to their client and offer work that is of the highest quality. They took the time to learn our business and to offer very targeted on-track recommendations as a result. For what may seem like a smaller firm, they have a great depth of capabilities and are our go-to resource in our HR department whenever we have new HR, learning, and talent management projects.
Charles Evans, Satellite Health Care
I worked with ITS on two projects while at Google and LinkedIn: the first, building and designing a career development tool project and the second, a measurement strategy project for one of our global learning programs. ITS was integral in the success of both projects, providing innovative thinking, a collaborative partnership, and timely deliveries. I would definitely work with ITS again!
Jen Carniero, Linkedin
I first met Lynn Ware and the ITS team in 1998. They have been trusted, valued business advisor since then and we have worked together in four organizations—big and small—and across a variety of industries and geographies. Over the years, ITS created innovative talent management solutions that drove the organization’s talent agenda forward. Not only is the content on target, but Lynn and her team are always an absolute pleasure to work with. They go above and beyond to understand the business context, build relationships, and demonstrate responsiveness and flexibility. I would work with ITS anytime over some of the big consulting firms!
Bill Huffaker, General Motors
ITS has been a valued partner to me for over twenty years across three different Fortune 500 companies. They have delivered a wide range of deep expertise, flexible staffing at affordable pricing, and a willingness to see projects through to successful completion no matter the obstacles. I have always relied on the ability of ITS to create science driven solutions that are executed in a business-conscious manner. Where I have been most impressed is ITS’ extensive network of talent. No matter if the need has been digital development in the U.S. or classroom facilitators in Asia, ITS has always managed to deliver expert staff with whom it has been a pleasure to work.
Frank Guglielmo, Park Consulting
I have had the pleasure of working with the ITS team at several different organizations over the years. I first hired ITS to assist us at San Jose State University with creating an effective onboarding program for staff. ITS provided a high-touch experience which had great results—we consistently had very high engagement scores, and participants consistently told us it was the best onboarding experience they’d ever had. Due to this success, I’ve continued to work with ITS for needs such as development of high-potentials, career development, and off-boarding. I highly recommend ITS as a versatile partner for many people-related solutions.
I have had the pleasure of working with ITS on our company’s employee engagement project. ITS was very thorough with the employee engagement system setup and rollout to our entire workforce. This project was very successful due to the support from all the ITS team members. In addition, the survey report tool was very beneficial and simple to use in helping our management team to understand where the strengths and weaknesses were for ongoing coaching, and to help us to continue to be a highly engaged workforce. In addition, Lynn also presented the final survey data results to our entire executive team, which added even more value and validation of the dedication and support from her company and our success with this project. I would highly recommend ITS for any HR needs!
Bobette Hetts, Tri-Counties Bank
I have partnered with ITS for a number of our talent needs ranging from developing and delivering training for our team members transitioning into management functions, to conducting 360 degree surveys for our Executive Team members. As a leader in Talent Management, ITS is the first place I go to when looking for expertise in that realm.
David Grimes, Taulia