Employee Engagement Survey

ITS’s Employee Engagement Survey is a predictive, online survey tool which rates the effectiveness and importance of the relevant factors that affect engagement and turnover. The ITS Employee Engagement Survey provides a clear picture of your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improving employee engagement and commitment.

All items in the Employee Engagement Survey are statistically validated and predictive. Customization of items and survey ‘look and feel’ is included, as is on-line administrative access to your company’s survey data and unlimited report generation at any time.

The ITS Survey process ensures that the Employee Engagement Survey generates high participation rates, creates actionable outputs, and supports action planning and follow-through to drive real-world results.

Retaining Top Talent

ITS’ Retaining Top Talent services include a strategic planning session which enables managers to reduce attrition by devising a specific action plan to implement with their direct reports. The primary objective of the Retaining Top Talent intervention is to reduce turnover in the ranks of top-performing employees—those most critical to your business success—by helping managers take ownership of their role in the retention process.

How it Works:

The Retaining Top Talent Intervention involves three major components:

The Retention Assessment Profile (RAP) is an online retention survey developed by ITS that measures managers’ effectiveness in specific behaviors that impact employee retention.

The Retaining Top Talent workshop shows managers how to assess which of their key direct reports are most at risk of leaving, and how to develop specific action plans to retain these employees. Participants explore the multiple factors that increase employee retention and motivation, identify those that are within their control, and receive feedback from their direct reports on these management practices in their RAP Reports. They learn and share related strategies and best practices, determine what actions to take to strengthen their skills, and prepare for retention-focused discussions with their employees—the first step in an ongoing process between each manager and his or her direct reports.

A one-hour follow-up coaching call, scheduled 3-4 weeks after the workshop, to ensure implementation of the participant’s action plan and to support ongoing development by strengthening managers’ peer networks.

Partnering for Success

The Partnering for Success program is a half-day workshop designed to reduce attrition by focusing on the individual contributor’s role in creating a work environment that fosters individual and organizational success and, by natural extension, employee retention.

By participating in this workshop, participants will:

  • Gain a sense of ownership as an “investor” in the company and in themselves, and awareness of the value of partnering with the company for mutual success
  • Identify the motivational, job, and retention factors that have the most impact on their personal motivation and commitment to the company
  • Recognize specific strategies and actions for positively impacting all areas that are important to them, including those that need improvement
  • Become prepared to communicate their action plan to their manager

Retaining Talent Consultant Certification

The ITS RETENTION CONSULTANT CERTIFICATION PROGRAM provides, in a one-day session, certification of your in-house HR staff as Retention Consultants, who will learn:

  • The latest research detailing factors in the work environment that drive employee retention
  • How to consult with line managers in the development of both individual and team retention plans
  • How to identify High-Value Talent
  • How to conduct a Risk Assessment of your best employees
  • How to uncover the gaps between what High Value Talent experience on the job, and what they most desire