Welcoming a new employee to your company is a critical step in building long-term employee commitment. The Orienting Top Talent™ services offered by ITS include design and development for new employee orientation and assimilation.

What occurs in the first 90 days at your company can make or break an employee’s decision to stay. Orienting Top Talent™ is designed to to leverage the first 90 days of employment for a fast start and early employee engagement.

By providing the right information and experience early on, companies can guarantee a “fast start” for new workers and decrease the time it takes for the employee to begin contributing.

The primary objectives of the Orienting Top Talent™ intervention are:

  • To guarantee employee commitment.
  • To increase early productivity in the ranks of top-performing new employees by helping employees and managers take ownership of their individual roles in new employee achievement.

Intervention components:

  • Onboarding program design services
  • Program development
  • Gaming platform
  • Mobile toolkit development
  • Management reports

Me & Company

Me & Company™ is a one-day workshop acquainting new college hires or early career employees with company expectations, career navigation skills, and business acumen for a professional business environment.

In this workshop, expert instructional designers can also work with you to tailor the program to your organization’s specific culture, processes, and business strategy:

  • Orient new employees to how your business works
  • Improve understanding of basic business acumen, particularly for workers new to the corporate environment who are unfamiliar with basic business models and communications protocol such as email and social media etiquette
  • Help employees see the opportunities in partnering with change
  • Give employees a sense of meaning and commitment
  • Guide participants in the development of a personal and career plan to align their personal strengths and interests with your organizational goals
  • Show employees how to focus a greater percentage of their time on the activities that contribute to your organization’s most important business outcomes

New Hire Surveys

ITS’ New Hire Surveys are available to ensure that your newest employees are receiving the adequate attention and resources necessary for effective onboarding.