Career Development Ecosystem

The ITS Career Development Ecosystem provides a variety of services including tools, assessments and blended learning for employees, managers, and internal career coaches to support employee career navigation as they develop and advance.

Managers and employees alike will profit from expanding their knowledge of the benefits associated with Career Development efforts.

By investing in ITS’s Career Development Suite, your company will receive valuable information regarding:

  • Career Coaching Certification
  • Navigating Your Career – For Employees
  • Developing Top Talent – For Managers
  • Career Development Governance
  • Online internal Talent Job Matching
  • Career Portals
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Leadership Assessment

The ITS Leadership Assessment is an online 360 degree assessment tool designed to provide a view of the leader’s competence based on your organization’s successful leadership requirements.

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Transition to Management

Transition to Management™ is an educational workshop that gives new managers a quick start on how to effectively manage their new direct reports and responsibilities. The program combines core management information, hands-on skills practice, interaction with more experienced company managers, and useful planning forms to provide insight into the skills and knowledge required for achieving desired results at the company.

Transition to Management™ helps participants learn how to:

  • Identify the characteristics and skills of successful managers in the company
  • Establish credibility and create trust with senior management and direct reports
  • Ensure that departmental and individual goals are aligned with company objectives
  • Set performance objectives and practice coaching skills to motivate their team
  • Effectively handle performance problems and team conflicts which could prevent them from meeting their goals
  • Work effectively as a team in an environment subject to constant change

Succession Planning

The highly interactive Succession Planning Workshop provides conceptual and research underpinnings for succession planning, and presents an opportunity to work on your own organization’s succession challenges. Succession Planning consulting and modules help build your organization’s process for identifying, assessing, and developing key talent to take on key roles. Workshop objectives include how to:

  • Outline key principles of succession planning
  • Identify and avoid common pitfalls in succession planning
  • Communicate the business case for succession planning to your executive team
  • Facilitate talent review sessions with managers
  • Use succession planning principles to build a company-wide talent development culture
  • Use surveys and assessments to aid in succession planning
  • Design a succession planning process for your company

Job Rotation Programs

ITS can lend design and development expertise to the creation of your successful job rotation programs. Whether you are using job rotation as a strategy for cross-training or for attracting new college hires, ITS can provide you with a model step-by-step approach that will ensure your organization has ready and available talent capability when you need it.

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ITS’ Coaching services include one-on-one and team coaching for leaders and employees who want to move to the next level of performance.

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Customized Learning Interventions

ITS’ Customized Learning Interventions include change management strategies, processes, and training vehicles which are designed, developed and implemented specifically based on your organization’s unique challenges and content.

  • eLearning Solutions: ITS offers both personalized coaching and product development of eLearning modules based on your organization’s needs. Using Articulate Storyline 2 as our platform of choice, we can customize our solutions based on your organization’s needs.
  • Gamification: ITS offers a variety of gamification options within the Qube Learning System. Qube makes learning fun and easy for your employees.