Employment Branding

Employment Branding services at ITS include a structured branding process that increases your ability to attract and recruit quality applicants from your desired talent pool. The Employment Branding workshop provides an analytical approach to the five elements of a brand that together build a distinctive and compelling messaging platform that differentiates your organization as an ‘employer of choice’ for your targeted talent pool.

Using this proprietary brand development methodology, the following five elements are analyzed to make up your brand strategy:

  • Target audience selection and analysis
  • Competitive employer frame
  • Brand personality
  • Key leverage points
  • Brand positioning

Executive Leadership Assessment

A comprehensive and confidential suite of assessments and interviews measuring thinking style, behavioral traits, social intelligence, and personality are administered for C-Level candidate selection.

Individual Contributor Assessment

ITS’ online candidate assessments are designed to help you assess which candidates will be top performers in the key critical roles on which your organization’s performance depends. In order to achieve your company’s growth objectives, it is critical to select and hire effective mangers to run the individual units as well as to bring on a senior management team that has the skills, ability and temperament to achieve the business results.

The purpose of the candidate selection process is to:

  • Identify those individuals who possess the highest potential for success on the job, and for growth with the organization.
  • Pinpoint development needs and provide the organization with specific suggestions for training and coaching the individual.
  • Initiate appropriate self-development action on the part of the employee by providing personalized feedback on the assessment results.

These assessments can also be used to measure the development needs of your existing talent pool.

Attracting Top Talent Interviewing Skills Workshop

Attracting Top Talent™ is an educational workshop which focuses on improving interviewers’ ability to select and hire the best and brightest employees by addressing all aspects of the selection process, from crafting accurate position descriptions to supporting new hires after they join your organization.

Workshop participants learn how to:

  • Establish an efficient and consistent process that reduces the time it takes to interview and select a qualified candidate.
  • Utilize specific tools and techniques to develop a competency-based job description and related interview questions.
  • Ensure team cohesion and support for new hires by involving team members in the process.
  • Maximize new hire productivity by ensuring candidates are a good fit for the job.
  • Increase the retention of all new hires, and in particular reduce their turnover during their first year on the job.