Recently, ITS partnered with Halleck to deliver a dynamic employment branding workshop at Satellite Healthcare in Santana Row, San Jose, CA.

Satellite Healthcare is outstanding in their ability to help dialysis patients lead better lives. As an ITS client, they are also an organization that is in the top 10% in employee engagement. Therefore, the organization is leveraging their highly engaged work environment to attract top talent through creating a compelling employment branding positioning statement, which communicates the organization’s values, benefits, and attributes.

ITS and Halleck led the team through a methodology that produced a captivating employment brand with leverage points that describe the organization’s unique strengths. The messaging being developed from this brand will be carried across all of Satellite’s media and employee events with the purpose of both attracting and retaining top talent.

For more information about the Employment Branding Workshop, call ITS at 650-965-1806.