ITS Brings Retaining Talent Consultant Certification Program to Radical Entertainment Company in Vancouver, BC.

The one-day session was limited to a maximum of 6 participants, who were certified as internal Talent Retention Consultants, able to work one-on-one with their managers to reduce their attrition risks.

Participants completed the session qualified to lead a hands-on skill building session for up to five managers that they support.

Entertainment Company

In addition to proven models for reducing unwanted attrition, participants received the ITS Attrition Risk Assessment tool, Talent Retention Toolkit, and Talent Retention Action Planner to use with their company’s managers.

Talent Retention Consultant Certification builds in-house capability, lowers external consulting costs, enhances HR’s credibility, and helps build participants’ careers because the expertise remains with them.

Certified Talent Retention Consultants are valuable retention consulting resources to their internal customers—both the managers and the talented employees relying on them.

For more information about the certification program, call ITS at 650-965-1806.