Dr. Ware is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and a key thought leader in the talent management community for over 25 years. Dr. Ware is a visionary leader and founder of ITS, a global talent management consulting firm providing tools, consulting, and education for companies who share a desire to be great places to work.

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Our Valuable Team Members

Randi Brenowitz

ITS Associate

Randi Brenowitz is an OD & Training consultant who is committed to improving corporate productivity through teamwork and collaboration. At ITS she brings a unique blend of skills to her training program — the experience, knowledge, instincts, and political savvy of the successful insider, and the objectivity, neutrality, and balance of the perceptive outsider.

Lynne Couture

Senior Consultant

Lynne’s leadership training philosophy is to provide engaging and rewarding learning by facilitating courses and workshops that are relevant, highly engaging, interactive, and enjoyable. Her background working in a large global company, developing and launching three start-ups and a non-profit economic development organization, provide direct experience at ITS to everything she coaches and facilitates in the workshops.

Pat Cross

Senior Consultant
Pat Cross brings extensive experience facilitating management/leadership development workshops and coaching individuals in career transition.  At ITS, she’s strongly committed to providing practical tools enabling people to understand their personal and professional selves, identify and apply their strengths, and build positive relationships through understanding others.

Carl Davidson

Senior Consultant

Carl is one of ITS’ top leadership coaches. His emphasis on leadership development will help to keep your organization’s top people moving forward in their careers!

Bruce Fern 

Senior Consultant

Bruce is an accomplished leader who helps businesses transform client-facing practices  and internal business practices. He has been a management consulting firm leader, an internal corporate VP in leadership development, and was the EVP of Consulting at MOHR/Blessing White. Bruce is also a contributor to ITS’ Retaining Top Talent workshop and a longtime partner with ITS.

Gail Finger

Senior Consultant

Gail brings a background in psychology and deep expertise in human dynamics and the psychology of change to her clients. She is a master facilitator and certified executive coach with over 20 years of experience helping individuals and teams to communicate more effectively and get the results they are looking for.

Chris George

Software Development

Chris keeps the ITS survey systems and tools working smoothly! Chris’ IT skills and application development make him a first-rate survey and assessment manager at ITS.

Dylan Gilstein

Client Coordinator

Dylan manages projects such as employee engagement surveys and assessments. Dylan is the host of the ITS Talent Talk Tuesday series and conducts frequent webinars on a variety of talent management topics. He has a special interest in leadership development and has spearheaded a six month ITS research project on how to best develop Millennial Leaders. Dylan is specializing in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology field.

Mark C. Healey

Senior Consultant

Mark assists companies with the development of their human capital strategy, and designs hiring, leadership development, and training programs. Mark emphasizes practicality, scientific rigor, cost-effectiveness, and legal defensibility in all of his work. Mark’s knowledge of advanced statistics and data analysis keep ITS solutions at the forefront of big data research.

Riley Johnson

Talent Management Intern 

Riley supports a wide range of projects at ITS through proven project management strategies. She plays an integral role in managing employee engagement survey projects, interpreting survey data, developing leadership programs, and supporting client assessment needs. Riley’s passions also include improving organizational effectiveness and employee wellbeing through leadership development and data analytics, which she pursues through the Industrial/Organizational Psychology field.

Rupinder Kaur 

Talent Management Consultant  

Rupinder holds a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. In her role as a Talent Management Consultant at ITS, she manages employee engagement initiatives for a broad range of clients in industries such as health care and government. She has also designed, developed and delivered customized leadership development programs and has conducted original research on the role of technology and digitalization in the workplace.