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ABECU Partners with ITS to Launch Career Development Program with American Eagle

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A focus on coaching and mentoring As announced in The Missouri Difference, Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union (St. Louis) and its division American Eagle Credit Union (St. Louis) have launched their Career Development Program to provide employees the opportunity to work one-on-one with experienced individuals. The partnership helps employees focus on developing [...]

ITS Partners with Satellite Healthcare for Employment Branding

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Recently, ITS partnered with Halleck to deliver a dynamic employment branding workshop at Satellite Healthcare in Santana Row, San Jose, CA. Satellite Healthcare is outstanding in their ability to help dialysis patients lead better lives. As an ITS client, they are also an organization that is in the top 10% [...]

Oracle Seizes the Future with Retention Training

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High-tech employees increasingly stay with a company only a year or two before moving on to greener pastures. It's a trend that has cost the high-tech industry a lot in terms of training time, lost opportunity, and actual dollars—generally 1.5 to 3 times the employee's annual salary depending upon the [...]

Research Supporting the Benefits of Succession Planning

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Research Supporting the Benefits of Succession Planning By: Kelista Burns What is Succession Planning? Succession planning is the process of identifying positions that will be available due to retirement or natural turnover, and selecting qualified internal employees who will be considered to fill those positions. That is, succession planning is [...]

Employee Alignment – A New Proven Employee Engagement Driver

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By B. Lynn Ware, Ph.D. Much has been written about the positive organizational outcomes derived from increased employee engagement, such as profitability, efficiency and innovation. In an attempt to “control” employee engagement, most of the focus has been on organizations trying to manipulate extrinsic variables to drive increased engagement, such [...]

Effective Delegation

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Delegation Decision Matrix based on Situational Leadership Dr. Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Theory Dr. Hersey and Blanchard believed that one leadership style does not work in every situation. The Situational Leadership model posits that managers must use different leadership styles depending on the situation. The model allows [...]