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Does your company posses the needed leadership capability to grow your organization?

As the economy continues to improve over the next several years, organizations have now both created new business plans and charted strategies for growth. In order to realize the potential value from these plans, leaders must be in place that have the ability to rally the troops and flawlessly execute.

This webinar will cover how to use job rotation and assignments as informal learning methods to create critical leadership skills amongst those your organization depends on to generate business results. We will cover:

  • How to identify potential leaders in your organization
  • How to use succession planning and 360 feedback tools to identify leadership competencies needed within your organization
  • A new way of looking at leadership development
  • How to use job rotation as a method of leadership development
  • How to use challenging and stretch assignments to create leadership experience and skills
  • A step by step checklist for implementing a job rotation program in your organization

The $199 registration fee includes:

  • A copy of the PowerPoint slide deck (note view)
  • Advance notification about new talent management webinars
  • Priority notification about product development partnering opportunities with ITS
  • AND: Any number of team members can join from your location using the same computer for the same $199 fee.

Additional Viewers (separate logins): $59/viewer


If you can’t participate live, you can also purchase the synchronized MP4 file of both the presentation content and audio for $99.