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Want to retain your top talent and build bench strength at your company this year?

Join us to reap the benefits of top talent retention and increased engagement by providing Integrated career support for your employees.
Due to the current “skills gap” and difficulty sourcing and attracting top talent to your organization, many companies are deciding to increase the percentage of workers they develop internally to fill vacant roles. In addition, early career employees expect rapid career movement as a condition of employment.

An integrated career development ecosystem builds your brand to attract top talent and helps your ability to execute your company’s business plans. Establishing a development culture and providing employees with the tools they need to support their career growth s an absolute essential for your company to compete successfully for critical talent and generate a dtrong ROI on your human capital investment.

Join us to learn the components of an effective, integrated career development ecosystem and how you can efficiently and economically implement one within your organization.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • The components of a “Career Development Ecosystem
  • How to create a shared understanding of career development in your organization
  • How to get managers to support career development, have career conversations, and develop people on the job
  • How to motivate managers to become talent developers vs. talent hoarders
  • How to encourage employees to take ownership for their own career development
  • How to use career development as part of a powerful employment brand to attract the best talent
  • Recommendations for job-related online career assessments 
  • Content to include in a self-service career development portal
  • Specific career development approaches for Gen Y employees, including tools to “level-set” promotion expectations
  • Enterprisewide software that can be utilized for talent visibility throughout the organization
  • The role of external and internal career coaches 
  • Financial outcomes with case studies from implementing effective career development programs
  • Your Questions

The $199 registration fee includes:

  • A copy of the PowerPoint slide deck (note view)
  • Advance notification about new talent management webinars
  • Priority notification about product development partnering opportunities with ITS
  • AND: Any number of team members can join from your location using the same computer for the same $199 fee.

Additional Viewers (separate logins): $59/viewer


If you can’t participate live, you can also purchase the synchronized MP4 file of both the presentation content and audio for $99.