The ITS Team

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Dr. Ware is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and a key thought leader in the talent management community for over 25 years. Dr. Ware is a visionary leader and founder of ITS, a global talent management consulting firm providing tools, consulting, and education for companies who share a desire to be great places to work.

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Meet the Integral Talent Team

Our team guarantees results for your organization.

Our professional team will enable you to build an integrated talent management system for your organization.

We guarantee improved talent quality, time to performance, employee retention, and engagement.

Our Valuable Team Members

Carl Davidson

Senior Consultant

Carl is one of ITS’ top leadership coaches. His emphasis on leadership development will help to keep your organization’s top people moving forward in their careers!

Mark C. Healey

Senior Consultant

Mark assists companies with the development of their human capital strategy, and designs hiring, leadership development, and training programs. Mark emphasizes practicality, scientific rigor, cost-effectiveness, and legal defensibility in all of his work. Mark’s knowledge of advanced statistics and data analysis keep ITS solutions at the forefront of big data research.

Megan Little

Senior Consultant

Megan Little, Senior Consultant at Integral Talent Systems, Inc. (ITS) is an expert in talent management. Megan specializes in Industrial and Organizational psychology. Her areas of expertise range from attracting and onboarding talent to career development, succession planning, and working effectively with Millennials. Megan is well versed in all aspects of the employee lifecycle. As a valued member of the ITS team, Megan works directly under the company’s CEO, Dr. B. Lynn Ware, and has played a key role in numerous global talent management initiatives across a broad range of industries.

Nancy Wolfberg

Senior Consultant

Nancy is a seasoned veteran in the world of talent management consulting. Her expertise in team and leadership development, coaching, and instructional design add great value to the solutions found at ITS.

Chris George

Software Development

Chris keeps the ITS survey systems and tools working smoothly! Chris’ IT skills and application development make him a first-rate survey and assessment manager at ITS.

Mark Lieberwitz

Instructional Design & Mobile Consultant

Mark is an IT Wizard at ITS! We mean that literally, considering he founded our sister site “Talent Wizards”. Mark provides instrumental technical support for ITS’ most innovative talent management solutions.

Troy Pasion-Caiani

Research Associate

Troy’s research and data analysis skills keep ITS solutions relevant! With ITS’ emphasis on current and ongoing research in the field of talent management, Troy’s skills in data analysis keep our solutions cutting edge.

Jack Qi


As a principal consultant and master facilitator, Jack has been applauded on GM China business consulting projects and IPG brand marketing enhancement. When he’s not engaged with the project or preparing for a training session, you can find Jack professionally performing the elegant Chinese art of tea or hiking along a mountain ridge.

Ellen Rudy

Visual Branding Designer

Ellen specializes in the art of branding. As a talented Visual Branding Designer at ITS, Ellen’s goal is to market your internal initiatives with style!

Amanda Sanow

Graphic Designer & Developmental Editor

Amanda specializes in “making you look good” with expertise in print design, desktop publishing, web design, website updates and maintenance, editing, branding and identity design, and promotional design.

Kailin Wang

Research Associate

Kailin is responsible for statistical and predictive analytics. Kailin is a PhD candidate in Organizational Psychology with over 15 years of work experience in Silicon Valley across various job functions including technical marketing, business development, sales enablement, program management, and software engineering.