Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 1992, Integral Talent Systems, Inc. (ITS) conducts ongoing independent research on current workforce trends and best practices so that our clients can stay abreast of the latest methods for solving talent issues.

ITS was one of the first consulting firms in the world to prove the relationship between management practices and employee retention.

ITS was one of the first companies to offer online and mobile employee engagement surveys.

ITS was the first company to prove the relationship between career development and the attraction and retention of Millennial talent.

Case Studies

ITS Tackles Teacher Turnover

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Retaining Key Teachers in a Climate of Growth ITS consultants Dr. B. Lynn Ware and Steve Knight met with the steering committee members of Gwinnett [...]

ITS Brings Retaining Talent 
Certification Program to Canada

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ITS Brings Retaining Talent Consultant Certification Program to Radical Entertainment Company in Vancouver, BC. The one-day session was limited to a maximum of 6 participants, who [...]

ABECU Partners with ITS to Launch Career Development Program with American Eagle

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A focus on coaching and mentoring As announced in The Missouri Difference, Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union (St. Louis) and its division American Eagle Credit Union (St. [...]

ITS Partners with Satellite Healthcare for Employment Branding

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Recently, ITS partnered with Halleck to deliver a dynamic employment branding workshop at Satellite Healthcare in Santana Row, San Jose, CA. Satellite Healthcare is outstanding [...]